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SCH Tech offers full web development or web application development for a multitude of requirements.

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15 years experience with Major companies.

We work with you to craft a design from scratch, focusing on the user experience that will please your visitors and match your brand. We work with you from design to delivery and support you every step of the way.

Our success comes from you, therefore we aim to produce the website you have always wanted, so let us step forward with you on your journey and provide a solution you will be proud of.

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SCH Tech offers full web development or web application development for a multitude of requirements. We are a leading web development company in the UK. Our website developers are experts in Django bespoke website applications and React Native as well as regular PHP technologies.

Responsive design is at the forefront of our web design solutions meaning you can relax with the knowledge your site will function across desktops and mobile devices. SCH Tech employ the latest web development technologies and trends including CSS3, HTML5, React and jQuery to ensure your site is fresh and exciting to your visitors.

SCH Tech can also develop using Python Django, ReactJS, C#.net, PHP for custom applications or sites and even leverage this knowledge to make a wordpress site seem bespoke by nature.

Wireframes and Templates using Adobe XD are leveraged during the planning and design of your new project, this produces a framework you can view at an early stage of the project and once agreed the developers can utilise this prototype to ensure the work delivered is the work you approved in the design phase.


A few website Application projects SCH Tech Developers have delivered:

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