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SCH Tech Ltd Service offerings.

S.C.H Tech have created multiple backoffice software solutions for both Major and SME businesses.

Our solutions have ranged from api stubs to full back office software services to aid with company workflows.
We are able to write that can be run on or off premis and for linux or windows platforms with integration with SQL, NoSql and file based datasets.

Our company is able to work with the customer in order to produce any size of software requirement to include creating tactical solutions for interim projects and requirements.

Some of our technologies we can fall back on are:
– C# .net including Blazor, Azure deployments and API’s
– Python to include django or flask projects.

Contact us today to discuss your requirement no matter what the size and we are confident SCH Tech can help you move forward.

SCH Tech can help you or your company with any web development requirements.

SCH Tech can conduct web development for a multitude of requirements to include basic website deployments, WordPress, e-commerce to full web application deployments. 

We can work with multiple technologies to include: 

– React
– Django & Flask
– WooCommerce
– C# .net
– WordPress, Elementor

This is not a comprehensive list and SCH Tech is confident that we can assist any customer with their web deployment needs at a reasonable cost.

IT and Broadcast systems Engineering and Integration.

S.C.H Tech is comfortable with most of the popular OS platforms to include Unix, Linux & Windows and are confident we can work safely with your platforms and systems in order to assist our customers with their project requirements. 

We have over 15 years of Experience in working with Major broadcasters & IT companies with projects to include non-linear platforms, OTT/VOD platforms and workflow solutions, Editing systems, DRM Packaging solutions, Archiving systems, Active directory systems and cloud architecture solutions.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment.

SCH Tech aims to impersonate a real attack scenario and will aim to move in the same directions as a malicious attacker would. 

This will be tailored to work with customer requirements and will incorporate many different toolsets and methods and dependent on the engagement.

SCH Tech will use multiple scanning techniques to assess all exposed ports and services and provide you or your company with a detailed report detailing any vulnerabilities and the risk factors of each vulnerability found. 

This report is reviewed in detail and accurately assessed prior formal submission to the customer.

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