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Here are some things about our wonderful company.

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15 years experience with Major broadcast, media & IT companies.
S.C.H Tech are a leading technology solutions provider. The company combines its core expertise - Broadcast engineering, systems integration, software & web development, penetration testing and consultacy services in order to deliver globally integrated, tailor made, end to end solutions. Our bespoke development and integration aim to deliver winning solutions to our customers.
Out of the Box thinking leads the way.
The company mission is to promote out of band thinking and solutions. We aim to treat small projects with the same importance and dedication that a major project would expect, as its often the case that small requirements and solutions can lead to larger requirements over time. Training and trust encompass our way of working to ensure all staff members are effectively trained with up to date technologies and all members have a say allowing the company direction to fit around everybody's lifestyles and ways of working.
Leading the way to allow Ideas and tactical solution requirements to become a reality.
Our vision is to grow our company into a leader for bespoke solutions. We aim to provide the right solution at the right time to our customers in order to allow the customer to achieve their aims and ambitions. The company specialises in software workflow systems along side django and .NET web apps from something as small as allowing a customer to produce a tactical solution for an interim migration project or a solution that can run as a full service platform. S.C.H Tech's vision will continue to grow and adapt to changing technologies that will eventually allow our customers to receive bespoke solutions in smaller time frames.

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